Economics Design Book


Questions about Content

How much math is there?
High school calculus would suffice. There is a step-by-step breakdown of the formulas so you just need high school calculus to “read” the math
What type of math are we talking about here?
It will be the general formulas for many of the mechanisms. Think AMM, bonding curve for fundraising, token design mechanisms.
How many chapters are there?
26 chapters, including case studies.
How thick is the book?
It’s about 300 A5 pages in the manuscript for the physical copy. The kindle version is dynamic, so the pages changes depending on the size of your kindle, phone or iPad.

Questions about You (reader)

Who should read the book?
(1) people who want to get into this nerdy part of crypto to transition into a career path
(2) protocol designers so it’s cheaper to buy the book than pay me for consulting
(3) investors keen on fundamental research

Questions about Format

What versions are there?
Currently, there is a kindle version (portable) and physical version (to highlight and write notes. It’s a textbook after all)
Will there be an audible book?
No plans for it now, but if there is enough people keen on it, that can be added in Version 2 updates.

Other Questions

Can you justify the price of the book?
The book is the output of 3 years of research. The value of knowledge shared, research time and effort put in, and quality of information in the book is reflected the price of the book. You are paying for 3 years of research, condensed into 26 chapters, with concepts, mechanisms and structure to this niche.
Where can I read the book for free?
Books will also be available in libraries, starting with the libraries in Singapore. One can borrow the ebook and physical books for free with the library access. As for other countries, I am working on figuring out how to make it accessible for more people. 
Is there additional discount?
If you are a student, please send an email with your student email and we will give you a 30% discount for the ebook.
Q: I bought the ePub version. What apps do I use to read them?
A: Best app to read epub books:
  • Android: Aldiko Book Reader (Free), Amazon Kindle (free), AIReader (free), FBReader (free), Foxit PDF Reader (free)
  • Windows: Calibre (free), Sumatra PDF Reader (free), Freda (free), Kobo eBooks (free), Cover (free)
  • Mac: iBooks (free), Kindle (free), OverDrive Read(free), Adobe Digital Editions(free), Book Reader ($9.99)
  • iPhone: iBooks (free), Kindle (free), Apple Books (free), Libby (free), Google Playbooks (free)
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Note: I understand that this book is not for everyone, nor was it intended to be that way.
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